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Rory has been out and about in the jungles of Filey learning to use the App "What3Words".
The App identifies your location to within 3 square metres, anywhere on the planet using just 3 words, much easier than with complex GPS coordinates.  This is a useful way to share your location when you cannot use a post code or street name, for example, on a beach or on a mountain side.
UK Emergency Services use the system, you can report your location from "what 3 words" and they can  pinpoint where you are!
Why not download the App from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, it may save your life!
Scroll down and you can play ......

."Where's Rory"
There are 2 sets of 6 questions.
Filey Lions will give prizes & Certificates to the first 75 correct entries.
Watch this page for a prizegiving evening !

PART 1 - With Picture clues

Question 1 :

Rory likes to start his day having fun here. Where is he?

What 3 Words =

Answer choices are shown on the entry panel below Question 6


Question 2 :

Where is Rory hiding ?

 3 Words = fails.opts/village


Question 3 :

The date on this Environmental Project Plaque shows the Year Rory was born. He was born in March, how old is he?

What3 Words = securing.finer.depended


Question 4 :

What else share's Rory's den ?

What 3 Words = slurping.crackled.improvise


Question 5 :

If you know how to use it, what will this item tell you?

What 3 Words = popping.bloom.plugs


Question 6 :

Rory often comes here for a drink with his friends, when its quiet. Where is he?

What 3 Words = skunks.hubcaps.forensic

Where's Rory - Part 1
Answers 1- 6

Thank you for entering Where's Rory, Part 1 - Good Luck !

PART 2 - Now that you have had some practise, these questions are without pictures.

Question 7 :

Rory had a great view from here on the 3rd August this year for which Filey Lions annual event? (see Events Calendar)

What 3 Words = ignites.leads.gongs

Answer choices are shown on the entry panel below Question 12

Question 8 :

What colour are the doors ?

 3 Words = mailbox.padlock.decoding

Question 9 :

Who works in the building near here?

 3 Words = unfit.uniforms.exclaim

Question 10 :

What is the Emergency response vehicle stored here called ?

 3 Words = square.gladiator.daisy

Question 11 :

The team who work here are celebrating. How old is the organisation this year?

What 3 Words =

Question 12 :

What is the phone number for the Emergency Services that works in the whole of the EU and most of the rest of the World?

There is no location for this answer !

Where's Rory - Part 2
Answers 7 - 12

Thank you for entering Where's Rory Part 2 - Good Luck !

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