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Presidents Blog - July 2023


Filey Lions Club held their “Change over night” last Friday at Filey Golf Club. This is an annual event where we celebrate the previous 12 months achievements, restructure our teams and thank our outgoing president (Thank you Lion Brenda!) for all the hard work they have done. The actual words I used were “…time, effort, patience and stamina”, all very true words! Why does this happen at the end of June? Lions Clubs originated in the US where most organisations operate a July through to June financial year. We call this our Lionistic Year.  


So, now the organisation has me as Club President for the next 12 months. I can almost hear your thinking “Who are you?” Well, I’m a guy who moved to Filey 5 years ago (with my wife Juanita), joined the Lions just over 4 years ago and have been a very active member of this great little organisation ever since. I have been aware of Filey Lions for many years due to the events they organise locally and I was even aware in my teens of the UK Lions organisation, back in my home town.


I hope to have a theme to my Blog every few months, this month I wanted to share why people have joined our Club recently. Like many volunteer organisations, attracting new energetic members has been tough since Covid. Filey Lions has done better than most, so I asked some of our new members, why? Here is a few quotes.


“I had helped out at Events and had fun, so I decided to join”

“Filey has been great to us and we wanted to give back to the town”

“Filey Lions has great history and a fantastic reputation in the Town, I wanted to help the Club move forward and create our own new History”

“I have helped the community volunteering with the RNLI for many years and was asked if I would like to extend my community work and become a Lion”

“I had just gone part-time at work and saw the posts on Facebook about joining the Club, I was considering volunteering but didn’t know much about the Lions. Its been a real eye-opener, there is always something going on, but the prospect of being one of Santa’s Elves was what really sealed the deal!

So, there you go, my first Blog. You will notice I got others to write most of the content for me….. That’s what I call leadership 😉

Lion Richard Hannay (President)





Annual Ball Race

Over 2000 Balls were released down Cargate Hill in this years Famous Ball Race


Trolley Dash

The annual Christmas TESCO Trolley Dash will be here soon. We will be selling Tickets in the Store from late November 2022


Support for Bus

Lion president John presents a cheque from the Lions in support of the Replacement Engine fundraiser for Colin's little Bus


10K Beach race

Filey Lions beach Race this year is on 25th September 2022. Here is Past President John with Scott Hargreaves, winner of the 2021 event


Memorial Gardens

Filey Lions cleaning the Fountain, twice a year for the past 15 years.


Ukraine Appeal

Lions Clubs in the north of England have raised over £100,000 for the Ukraine refugee Appeal


Award for Lions

Filey Lions are awarded a Covid response award from Britain in Bloom for the support given to the local area during the first Shut down

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